Roger Hunt Music


"Roger captured and embraced the magic of our film with amazing talent...Without a doubt you helped us take our film to the next level...."
– Edmundo H. Rodriguez, Director; Sandra Teres, Producer,
La Fuga (film for TV)
"Roger is an extraordinary collaborator. We worked together on my short film Protection. He listened intently about my ideas for the emotions of the film and immediately offered suggestions. He pulled out of his vast library of previous compositions to form a wholly new piece. His knowledge of instruments and orchestration proved incredibly valuable. Where I was not able to verbalize my emotional intent, Roger was able to quickly describe and execute my desires."
– David Japka, Director/Producer
Protection (indie short)
"As a motion picture sound re-recording mixer with many years of experience, I have re-recorded such films as On Golden Pond, Young Frankenstein, The Godfather, and The Deer Hunter (winning an Academy Award for this effort). After a 40-year career, I retired from the film industry and took up a position of teaching sound recording at the Florida State University Film school – where I met Roger Hunt. Roger has over the course of my teaching duties composed and scored many of our thesis films. In every case his score was outstanding in every way, often actually saving and moving the film from just another student effort into a fine piece of filmmaking. I would recommend Roger as a fine musician who has the taste and sensibility for motion picture scores. For further information as to his qualities, please feel free to contact me at the Florida State University Film School in Tallahassee, Florida." – Richard Portman, Re-Recording Mixer and Professor,
Florida State Conservatory of Film and Recording Arts
"Roger's music really made a difference for my sci-fi film, very fun to work with and does a very good job composing the right kind of music for the film. I will absolutely know who to go to for music in my next film project."
– Tom Luong, Director,
UFO: Abducted
"When I heard the final cues, I was blown away! ... The music was vivid and original, but never distracted me from the story. " – Maximus L. Clarke, Director, Graduate, FSU Conservatory of
Film Sound Designer and Editor for Child Bride
"He has a great instinct for what he does, and an enormous amount of talent. My film is many times better because of his participation... it takes some pressure off of me to know that I now have a composer that I trust to collaborate with on upcoming projects." – James Babanikos, Ph.D., Director of Catherine’s Story
"Your creative approach to composing music for this complicated film project shows true talent that can only be called genius. " – Dennis Alexander Director, Diamante
"Roger Hunt's music score conveyed – oftentimes more powerfully than pictures and words – the triumph and tragedy of the life of America’s first civil rights martyr, Harry T. Moore." – Sandra Dickson, PhD., Director of Freedom Never Dies
"Collaborating with Roger was an amazing creative experience! I couldn't imagine completing The Chad Effect without him. His music brought our short film to life!" – Todd Thompson, Stars North, Producer of The Chad Effect
"Roger is a terrific composer and great to work with! Thoroughly professional, dedicated, gifted, and somewhat of a mind reader, his original score kicked our film up several notches. Will definitely use again!" – Aaron Wells, Director, Opportunity Knocks
"Roger Hunt is a stellar orchestrator with a rare gift of understanding precisely what is needed and making it a reality. His musical and technical expertise has been a valuable resource on several projects." – Michael Matessino, Director, The Alien Legacy
"Roger, I am constantly impressed by your versatility and ease at which you adapt to the requirements presented to you by the film and the director. I look forward to your wonderful and unique scores on many more of my projects in the future." – Suzanne L. Niedland BusEye Films, LLC