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Dave Hall

Dave Hall

Hall’s music has a clever sound that hints at his longtime love for the Beatles, Phil Keaggy and the longtime-loved Christian band Petra. From a very young age, Dave began to show passion and talent for music. He spent time listening to many other rock legends and then combined his love affair with rock and worship music to create his own projects. The young artist went on to write many Christian and love songs and learned to play guitar in high school. Hall says writing is his Gift, and the act of putting words together with melody is his undeniable talent. This crooner has been writing Christian music and Christian love songs for more than 25 years now. Hall says it’s more than a hobby for him – it’s his mission.
Hall plans to keep the anointed songs coming. He plans to keep writing and hopes to perhaps one day collaborate with awesome Christian artists like Rebecca St. James, Chris Tomlin and other favorites. Hall has a wife and three children, all of whom love music. His musical talents leak over to his daughters and wife, Annette who sing background on a couple of songs on Who Do You Love. He encourages his son too, who plays harmonica on one of the cuts.


Dave Hall - Who do you Love
 Who Do You Love?


What do you get when you mix a powerful, seasoned, passionate songwriter with a great gift for guitar and an awesome band?
You suddenly have Dave Hall, the new Christian artist that is causing quite a buzz across the nation. He has a fresh, beautiful sound that swallows up his listeners and takes them far away into the throne of worship. Hall’s freshman project, “Who Do You Love” is riddled with outstanding rhythmic guitar and poetic lyrics. The songs vary from deep, reflective, smooth to powerful, soft rock to modern country rock – hooking most music fans within the first few seconds. The ministry messages in the songs are creatively presented and have a unique warmness to them. Dave’s writing combines God’s truth with pure talent.
This album is also jam-packed with longtime music icons such as Ronny Cates – writer and bassist for one of the greatest Christian bands ever – Petra. Cates plays on the album with Dave Hall. Other gifted musicians that lend their talents to this project are Stan Lynch, who plays drums on six cuts. Lynch is a professional who toured with Bob Dylan, played with 2 of the Beatles, and whipped up beats for Stevie Nicks. To add to the star lineup is songwriter Dan Dickhaus, who co- produced the album along with Cates. All this experience and talent comes together to platform an album of a spiritual journey.
Hall’s music has a clever sound that hints at his longtime love for the Beatles, Phil Keaggy and the longtime-loved Christian band Petra. From a very young age,
“Evangelism is part of my purpose. My goal is to challenge people with the gospel, believers and nonbelievers alike,” says Hall. And challenge he does with clever songs like, “I Know Who You Are”, a classic rock song about a guy who gets a visit from a former lover and instead of giving in to her – he shares the gospel with her. It’s personal songs like that that make Dave Hall stand out as a fabulous newcomer.
Hall touches people with his songs. This explains why each song he performs is filled with so much emotion that it is easy to get lost in it. “Where Would I Be?” is another hit that Christian music lovers are going to fall in love with. It is a heavenly worship song that is simple, singable, and has lyrics that get stuck in your head. The song is so powerful and reflective that it rings like a classic Michael W. Smith song.